what can i expect

On your first visit, Dr. Raley and his friendly staff will greet you and review all the necessary paperwork. You will then be shown to an examination room where you will be educated about chiropractic care and the difference between chiropractic treatment and medical treatment.

Dr. Raley will then give you a complete examination including any necessary x-rays. You will be introduced to the recommended therapies by Dr. Raley and his staff.

Dr. Raley does not believe in adjusting on the first office visit. The first visit is to establish the basic understanding of healing through manipulations and therapy. He will, however, perform a light motion palpation to help relieve the stress on the affected joints, which begins the healing process of reducing the edema and inflammation that the body has developed.

We have found that all our patients feel some relief with their first office visit. They also have a better understanding that being pain free doesn't mean that the body is functioning normally.

Pain is the last symptom to occur and can be the first symptom to go away. However, being pain free does not mean the initial problem or problems have gone away.

The body takes time to heal and chiropractic teaches the body to stay in proper position with continued adjustments and therapies.